Event Week Tips

1. Be organized

Organisation reduces unnecessary stress – have your stuff ready the night before. Don’t forget your race number (& safety pins), running outfit, shoes, socks, a bag (and jacket) for the finish line.. get it all sorted the night before.

2.  Get your nutrition sorted (but don’t change it during race week)

Experiment with your nutrition during training so you can be confident with a solid plan come race day. But if it’s race week – don’t try those new Gu satchets or a Kale Green Juice - save it for the next event training leadup.

3.  Have regular massages at the start of the week

Massages have many benefits and your mind and body will be thankful.  Treat yourself – they’re essential. Have one at the beginning of the week (maybe after a long weekend run) and take at least that day off running. You’ll feel amazing the next day.

4.  Stay positive

Don’t underestimate the power of the mind.  Surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people.

5.  Enjoy it and have fun

Do you remember why you started running?  It was fun; keep having FUN!

6.  Hydrate

Hydration is constant.  Hydrate before, during and after training/racing. If you’re feeling thirsty, chances are you’re already dehydrated before the start of a race.

7.  Eat and sleep well

There are many factors that affect this one, but wherever possible nourish your body with healthy foods that will keep you feeling great.  Make sure you get a full night sleep (preferably without alcohol) two nights before race day – setting the tone here will help prepare you for the race even more.

8.  Have a plan during training

Have a plan and then have back up plans.  Get yourself on a program and/or get organized. If you don’t feel like doing part of your weekly plan then have a ‘Backup’ option that you stick to – it may be a walk and coffee with a friend, a yoga class or just some circuit training in the park. Keep active though.

9.  Be consistent

Keep at it.  Consistency is the key.  Don’t expect to turn up feeling 100% all the time, but always turn up to give it your best.

10. Rest when you are injured or sick. And REST during Race week.

It is important to learn to listen to your body.  If you are sick or injured a few days off might avoid an entire season off. Shin Splints can be a really sneaky injury – there’s 7 different types you can have, and the only true recovery is rest.

And during Race week – you’re not going to get any faster by pushing the training or running. Reward yourself with the massage, stay positive and have FUN!


Thanks to Cath from www.ironchicks.com.au for these top tips!

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